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Welcome! The Charles Motel & Hot Springs, available to the public daily for lodging and also thermal spring soaks, maintains lots of historical features that date back from the time the center was created – the bathhouse format is original, as is the cool vintage floor tile work – giving the Charles all the beauty worldwide.

The Charles is made up of two historical buildings. The Health spa building, created in the late 1940s, and The Charles Apartments, integrated in the very early ’30s, rest side-by-side on Broadway, waiting for the arrival of guests who venture to the southwest for a relaxing escape, or on a mission for healing, or perhaps who “simply had to stop in a town called Truth or Impact.”.

The real joy of the Charles Health club and Motel hinges on the mineral-rich water that streams from the ground below the facility, showing up in the Charles’ bathrooms at a piping 113.5 degrees fahrenheit. This unbelievable water has been made use of in healing for centuries.